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“The reliability that OMET has always ensured is the most precious value of all”. These are the words of Giovanni Rossi, President and CEO of Paper Service Srl, a company located in S. Nicola La Strada (Caserta, Italy) that has been operating successfully for over thirty years in the tissue converting sector.

Ing. Rossi, what were the main steps of development for your company?
Paper Service Srl was found in 1999 and this year celebrates 20 years of activity, even if the founding partners have been dealing with tissue for over 30 years. The deep experience gained in the industry has allowed the company to start with a well-defined project and successfully achieve its goals. The growth is the result of different factors, beginning with the strategic choice of focusing on three different markets (consumer,, private label) to the unceasing investment in innovation and the careful selection of the partners.
Considered as a point of reference for the market, Paper Service is well known and appreciated by the domestic and international retail purchasing operators, the main airlines and shipping companies, and the major hotel and restaurant chains: over the years, customer loyalty was improved through a careful policy focused on seriousness, quality, reliability, and respect for the environment.

How is organized your production process?
We work with two different business units: Rolls Division and Folded Division, located in two different, modern and functional plants, equipped with the most innovative – sometimes exclusive – technologies. Although similar, folded products have a different production process from the rolls, which is why each division has a specific management and know-how.
We work for the consumer, private label and markets with different products: 1/2/3/4 veils napkins (embossed or glued, white or coloured), 2/3/4/5 veils toilet paper (smooth, embossed, glued, white or coloured), 2/3/4 veils towels (Desl, white or coloured), 2/3 veils rolls (Desl, white or coloured). For the consumer market we have different commercial lines: Classic, Cuordiseta, Infinita, Argantherapy, Grandissima, Extra, Imorbidissimi, Prestige, Cartasciuga, Asciugopiù, Desirèe, Color, Happy Hour.

What about your commercial strategy?
The Sales Department is coordinated by one manager for the three different business units, each one supervised by an area manager who organizes the specific sales force. Service is an essential element for us: the word “service” states even in our company name. A diligent and competent customer service in all phases of purchase, a graphic office available to customers and a careful logistics planning allowing fast deliveries are our winning tools to provide a tangible added value..

Which is your positioning on the Italian market and what trends do you see in the short term?
We are well-known and appreciated on the consumer market, both nationally and abroad, with our historic brand Caress, synonymous with quality and reliability. Over the years, the company has grown constantly and today looks to the future with optimism. More and more customers are relying on Paper Service, especially those looking for careful partners, willing to find the best solutions for their needs. It is precisely because of the positive growth forecasts that we are investing with confidence. The next few years will be intense and full of innovations aimed at differentiation, with innovative proposals up to date.
We export about 30% of our products throughout Europe, and recently we have entered new markets in North Africa.

Recently you have purchased an OMET TV840 and two TV503 XP, but your partnership with OMET has lasted for many years. How was this collaboration born and what are the goals of your recent investments?
Our partnership with OMET has lasted for over 30 years and with these three new lines, we have a total of 10 OMET machines: we are among the most important OMET’s clients in Italy. We started producing personalized napkins and we have always found in OMET the perfect partner for this technology. We have experienced almost all the stages of the technological development over the recent years, witnessing an incremental evolution, from the first TV500 folder, nr 2, to modern contemporary lines. Knowing our starting point and making a comparison with the current activity allows us to appreciate the commitment that OMET has profused over the years to become – and rightly so – an absolute leader in this industry. Relying on a serious partner has allowed us to fully develop our projects, and we hope will this will continue to happen.

What development prospects do you see for your company?
The new OMET lines will allow our company to expand and update the portfolio with innovative and very high quality references, which will give us the opportunity to satisfy an increasingly demanding and careful market. We are very happy with OMET’s technological innovations and we are already evaluating investments in both digital printing and interfolded products. This time again, the long-lasting collaboration and the personal relationship with Marco Calcagni, OMET Sales Director, guarantee us the opportunity to feel comfortable in making our choice, counting on OMET’s reliability, which is probably the most precious value of all.




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