The research and development of OMET holds a great expertise in the tissue converting sector and perfectly handles every phase of the tissue converting process. OMET has established a clear leadership in the tissue sector servicing the largest groups and offering a perfect management of the tissue converting process. The company is proud to incorporate in its machine lines for tissue converting its vast knowledge of servo-technology, flexo printing, data digitization, advanced register controls and machine modularity.


OMET R&D team groups different competences: electrical, electronics, mechanics, 3D design and uses the most recent software for 3D product design and project management. Every year the company renovate, or increase, its investments in research and development confident that important achievements are just behind the corner. OMET holds many national and international patents sign of OMET’s attitude ‘to come first’ on many technological advancements.

OMET learning

Through OMET’s seminars and training sessions organized all over the world many tissue converters are introduced to the company technology and get to learn ‘first-hand’ how it could support their expansion. OMET is always proud to share its 50 years’ experience in the tissue converting market and sees this practice as the best way to understand the customers’ necessities and find, with their help, the solution to their needs.