AS Line


The AS Line of tissue converting machines are modular solutions for the production of large volumes of multi-fold paper towels characterized by excellent performance, technological innovation and cost-efficient operation. The presence of highly automated folders allows the production of interfolded, continuous interfolded with glue and overlapped towels. The ‘Fasten Pack’ technology - gluing the tail of the first packet to the head of the second one - offers significant advantages for users and manufacturers thanks to the elimination of discontinuity in extraction. In such a way the machine allows obtaining a high productivity and packets having a large volume, without giving up the extremely easy use. 

As part of the project of digitization of its machines, OMET has completely renewed  the offer of the AS Line for the production of paper towels. The machine, which can process coils from 2600 (104’’) to 3600mm (144’’) wide, has been fitted with a new unwinder and an innovative DESL laminator as well as advanced controls, even remote to ensure a constant production flow and reduced machine stops for maintenance. The DESL lamination group consists of 2 cylinders with 350 mm in diameter and 3 meters in length, with two incisions that work in sync to produce embossed towels  (nested). The system involves a rather high reduction of waste especially in the start-up phase and considerable savings of time normally spent for manual adjustments.

  • It is possible to choose the configuration best suited to each production need choosing among a wide range of modular units
  • The machines processes a wide range of materials (one to 3-ply tissue, paper, dry laid) and a wide range of folds
  • 'Fasten Pack' technology

  • Full control of the machine from the HMI, also in remote and tele service
  • 1 servomotor for each folding cylinder
  • The machine is fully gearless
  • A set of cameras send images of the whole line to the operator’s panel
  • Presence of a control console on each machine units equipped with touchscreen panels and/or membrane keypads for the management of local settings
  • Simple and intuitive adjustments
  • 'Open factory' system for remote assistance, supervision and software upgrades via the web

  • The machine is equipped with extractable and interchangeable embossing cassettes and folding and printing cylinders, all easily replaceable
  • The quick change tooling system for format fast changeover involves huge savings in time and waste

  • No physical or mental stress for the operator thanks to remote controls
  • Total safety when using the machine with no need of direct intervention
  • Protection casing and hand guards

Working width3,100mm (122'')
Number of lanes1 to 14
Max. reel diameterfrom 1,800mm (72'') to 2,500mm (100'')
Raw materialtissue 1 to 2 layers
Type of foldC, 2C or Z fold, and interleaved, Z, W or L
Open format max.25x25 cm (10''x10'')
Open format min.15x21 cm (6''x8'')
Mechanical speed400 m/min (1300 fpm)
Max. continuous outputfrom 12,000 to 22,500 pieces/min(*) / Max. 90 packs per minute
Cutting lenghtfrom 210 to 255mm, 5mm increments
AS 2600 Line
AS 2850 Line
AS 3100 Line
AS 3600 Line