AS Line


The AS Line is the OMET modular solution for the production of large volumes of disposable multi-fold paper towels characterized by excellent performance, technological innovation and cost-efficient operation. The presence of highly automated folding groups allows the production of half-interfolded, interfolded with glue and overlapped towels. All types of fold can be made on a single machine and the fold change is extremely easy and quick thanks to OMET Quick Change function. The innovative DESL lamination unit allows waste reduction, especially during the start-up phase, and allows to considerably reduce setup times.

  • A wide range of modular units allow the coverter to build the most suitable configuration for every production need.
  • The machine can process a wide range of materials (one or multi-ply tissue, paper, non-woven materials, air laid, dry paper) and a wide range of folds.
  • The machine is equipped with quickly interchangeable folding plates, thus allowing considerable savings in time and reduction in waste.

  • Simple and intuitive, the AS Line is completely without gears and with a servomotor on each folding roll. 
  • Each unit has a control panel for managing local settings. 
  • Full control of the machine from the HMI, also in remote and tele service.
  • Simple and intuitive adjustments

  • No physical or mental stress for the operator thanks to remote controls.
  • Total safety when using the machine with no need of direct intervention.
  • Protection casing and hand guards.

Number of lanesUp to 14 lanes
Max. continuous output90 packs/minute
Min. reel diameter1800 mm [72”]
Max. reel diameter3250 mm [128”]
Raw materialOne or multi-ply tissue, paper, dry paper
Mechanical speedUp to 400 m/min [1300 ft/min]
Some available folds Overlapped (Z, 2C, C) - Interfolded (W, L, Z)
AS 2600
AS 2850 Line
AS 3100 Line
AS 3600 Line