XV Line


The new XV Line is the revolutionary machine specifically designed by OMET in order to increase the production capacity and the efficiency of the entire transformation process, reaching more than 25.000 napkins per minute. This line is the result of a careful technological research with innovative and patented operating principles that allow for an absolute modularity of the machine itself.

Unlike other high-production lines, with a vacuum technology, OMET, the leading company in the production of mechanical folding units, brings all the advantages of this latest technology in terms of quality and speed, even on large-range machines.

The OMET XV Line is the ideal solution for high productivity converting.

  • The XV Line is a multi-format line with a quick-change cassette system for the folding unit.
  • The machine can process a wide range of materials: one or multi-ply tissue, paper, non-woven materials, air laid.

  • To complete the machine, all the control technologies developed by OMET in recent years are present on the XV Line, such as vision systems and automatic register controls.
  • Full control of the machine from the HMI, also in remote and tele service.
  • Simple and intuitive adjustments.

  • The machine is fully automated and easy to use for the operator, with an intuitive and essential interface.
  • All adjustments can be made directly from the operator panel, with no need of direct intervention.
  • Protection casing and hand guards.

Open format min.210 mm
Open format max.430 mm
PACK HEIGHT70 – 250 mm
Number of lanesFrom 4 to 14
Max. continuous outputUp to 24 packs/min per lane
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