End-Use Products

Paper Napkins
Paper napkins represent the widest and most common range of products of OMET tissue converting machines. These products are known for their utility and popularity. They are very convenient to use and easily available everywhere you go. Thanks to the modularity of OMET lines, napkins come in varied designs, colours, quality, and sizes and with different package solutions. OMET machines offer the possibility to print with both flexo and digital technology, as well as to produce family packs of napkins.
Napkins for any kind of dispenser
Thanks to their flexibility, OMET lines handle any kind of fold and offer therefore the possibility to produce a wide variety of dispenser napkins. Featuring different fold possibilities to choose from, disposable napkins are designed to meet the versatile needs of any dining venue or foodservice establishment. They can be both blank or printed and available in different sizes in order to fulfill the specific needs of each customer.
Non-woven products

The usage of non-woven disposable products is growing steadily because they guarantee hygiene, safety and time savings for the user. OMET lines can work any type of non-woven material in manufacturing high performance and reliable products, such as cloths for hairdresser, sheets for barbers, colour-catching cloths, dust-catching cloths, napkins, floor cleaning cloths, disposable masks, sheets for medical use, mats and much more.

Dental bibs

Thanks to its flexibility, the OMET TV503 Line has been successfully configured for the production of dental bibs. In addition to the standard motorized unwinder, this machine is equipped with a second unwinder specifically designed and dedicated to the plastic film. Thanks to the folding head based on mechanical technology, the TV503 Line for the production of dental bibs is able to guarantee the highest quality of the finished product.

The OMET TV503 Line can be configured with a special kit for the production of placemats. Thanks to a special device for automatic separation, placemats leave the machine in counted stacks automatically transferable to the packaging machine. The high speed of cutting and stacking optimizes the process and increases the productivity.
Interfolded tissue towels

Interfolded paper towels are designed to dispense one paper hand towel at a time in order to improve hygiene as the user only touches the sheet they're using. Interfolded towels can have different sizes, dimension and different embossing possibilities. The ASV Line is the best solution, developed by OMET, for the production of interfolded towels. The ASV Line is highly configurable and can be designed and configured in a flexible way according to the needs of the user with the addition of several functional modules.

Kitchen interfolded tissue

The ASV Line is the highly configurable OMET machine for the production of high-speed interfolded tissue products. Interfolded tissues are smart, modern and cost-effective products that are conceived to be dispensed one at a time, therefore being hygienic and waste-saving solutions. Tissue disposable towels for kitchen purposes improve cost in use as the user only takes the hand towels they need.

Facial tissue

The ASV Line has been also configured for the production of facial tissue. Facial tissues are made from the lightest tissue paper and usually consist of 2-3 plies. They can be treated with lotions, softeners and added fragrance to give the tissue its special features. When the process finishes, facial tissues are folded and put in portable mini packages or customized boxes.

Interfolded toilet paper

The innovative ASV Line can be configured in a flexible way according to the needs of the user with the addition of several functional modules. In addition to the wide range of towels, the ASV Line is also suitable for the production of interfolded toilet paper. Thanks to the latest technologies implemented on the line, the machine is fully automatic and easy to use for the operator.

Folded tablecloths

OMET TOP Line represents the most versatile and flexible solution for the production of large format disposable tablecloths. This highly flexible machine is able to convert different types of materials like paper, airlaid, tissue, non-woven and many others, as well as to produce folded tablecloths of different sizes according to customer needs.

Bulk pack of napkins
The TV840 Line can be equipped with a special delivery unit for the production of Bulk Packs of napkins. All the production process is automatic and servo-motorized, allowing considerable time savings. Being composed of modular groups, the TV840 Line can be configured ad hoc to meet the needs of each converter.
Cocktail napkins

 Thanks to its flexible structure, the OMET TV503 Line can also be configured to produce 100×100 mm size cocktail napkins or coasters. The interchangeability of the folding head enables an easy production switch between standard napkins, cocktail napkins and napkins of different sizes.

Pocket napkins

OMET modular machines also offer the possibility of producing 1/8 folded napkins with cutlery pocket. These napkins perform a double function of cutlery holder and napkin, offering at the same time a practical and innovative design. Available in different sizes and different materials.

Customized napkins

Printed napkins can send emotional messages through their texts or graphics, showing images of high quality. The Chameleon, the OMET digital printing system, allows the customization of each kind of product. It allows a quick changeover and makes it possible a just-in-time management of the orders, ensuring low ink consumption and no set up waste.