MF Line

Multi-folding machine for napkins and dispenser napkins

The MF Line is a new revolutionary OMET machine suited for the production of all types of napkins made of different materials, types of fold, embossing and also flexo and digital printing.

MF Line is available in single or double lane configuration according to production needs and offers napkins production with different types of fold with quick job changes directly from the operator control panel thanks to the new vacuum/mechanical folding head technology. The in-line Chameleon digital printing configuration allows maximum flexibility in producing customized products with no set up waste.

The new folding head is a vacuum/mechanical technology exclusively developed by OMET in order to provide the maximum flexibility in terms of folding options. It allows a quick change between any type of fold, from the more traditional ¼ fold, up to the fancier book fold. Actually, an innovative electronic system enables a quick change of napkins size which can go up to 100 mm range.

The flexibility of the new MF combined with OMET digital printing technology satisfies all possible needs of both the and the retail customer.

MF Line allows also the processing of non-woven materials and all other kind of special materials used for the production of disposable products, such as dust-catching cloths for domestic cleaning, for barbers and beauty salons.

  • Being largely customizable, MF Line suits any specific requirement thanks to the possibility to create an almost infinite number of tailored configurations
  • The machine processes a wide range of materials: one or multi-ply tissue, paper, non-woven materials, dry laid and all other kind of special materials used for the production of disposable products
  • Full control of the machine from the HMI, also in remote and tele service
  • 1 servomotor for each folding cylinder and servomotors controlling the vacuum valves
  • Simple and intuitive adjustments

  • The machine is equipped with extratable and interchangeable embossing cassettes and folding and printing cylinders, all easily replaceable
  • The quick change tooling system for format fast changeover involves huge savings in time and waste

  • No physical or mental stress for the operator thanks to remote controls
  • Total safety when using the machine with no need of direct intervention
  • Automatic waste disposal system which prevents the operator from intervening on the machine in person
  • Presence of a protection cabin and safety hand guards

Working width500mm (20''), 660mm (26''), 840mm (33'')
Number of lanes1 or 2
Flexo printing units1 - 8 printing units
Max. reel diameterfrom 1,800mm (72'') to 2,200mm (88")
Raw material1 and multi-ply tissue, paper, nonwoven materials, dry laid
Type of foldN, M, C, MV/WM, double fold, Junior, book fold, Dispenser fold, Special Dispenser fold and multiple fold
Open format min.23x23cm (9")
Open format max.40x40cm (16")
Mechanical speed300 m/min
Max. continuous output60 packs/min
Napkins - ¼ fold, book fold
Dispenser-fold napkins
Non-woven products