MF Line


The MF Line is a modular platform designed by OMET which provides the maximum flexibility in terms of folding options. Its strength is the new folding head based on vacuum/mechanical technology, which allows a quick fold change between any type of fold directly from the operator panel. 
The MF Line allows also the processing of non-woven materials and all other kind of special materials used for the production of disposable products.
Ease of use, set-up speed, high flexibility and maximum reliability: the MF Line has been designed to meet the current tissue market needs.
  • The flexibility of the new MF Line, combined with OMET flexo and digital printing technologies, satisfies all the possible needs of both the and the retail customer.
  • The machine can process a wide range of materials: one or multi-ply tissue, paper, non-woven materials, airlaid.
  • The machine is completely automatic and automated.
  • All adjustments can be made directly from the operator panel, thus also guaranteeing maximum performance, reliability and production efficiency.
  • Simple and intuitive adjustments.
  • The machine is fully automated and easy to use for the operator, with an intuitive and essential interface.
  • All adjustments can be made directly from the operator panel, with no need of direct intervention.
Working width840 mm (33”)
Max. reel diameter2200 mm (88”)
Raw material1-2-3-4-plies tissue, paper, non-woven materials, airlaid
Open format min.23 x 23 cm (9” x 9”)
Open format max.43 x 43 cm (17” x 17”)
Type of foldLong. (N/Z, M, C, double fold, kangaroo Z, kangaroo C, MV/WM, junior) – Transv. (¼, book, dispenser, double fold dispenser, special fold dispenser, multiple fold)
Mechanical speed400 m/min
Max. continuous output60 packs/min – 120 packs/min (*the production output varies according to the number of lanes)
The technical data contained in this table are not binding. OMET is entitled to change the features of the products without prior notice.
Paper Napkins
Pocket napkins
Non-woven napkins
Napkins for any kind of dispenser