MF Line


The MF Line is a modular platform designed by OMET which provides the maximum flexibility in terms of folding options. Its strength is the new folding head based on vacuum/mechanicalk technology, which allows a quick fold change between any type of fold directly from the operator panel. The MF Line allows also the processing of non-woven materials and all other kind of special materials used for the production of disposable products, such as dust-catching cloths for domestic cleaning, cloths for barbers and beauty salons.

Ease of use, set-up speed, high flexibility and maximum reliability are at the basis of the new OMET MF Line.

  • The flexibility of the new MF Line, combined with OMET flexo and digital printing technologies, satisfies all the possible needs of both the and the retail customer.
  • The machine can process a wide range of materials, including non-woven materials and all other kind of special materials used for the production of disposable products.
  • The MF Line is available in single and double lane versione, thus also meeting higher levels of productivity.

  • The machine is completely automatic and automated and easy to use for the operator, thus also guaranteeing maximum performance, reliability and production efficiency.
  • Full control of the machine from the HMI, also in remote and tele service.
  • Simple and intuitive adjustments.

  • The quick change system for format fast changeover involves huge savings in time and waste.
  • No physical or mental stress for the operator thanks to remote controls.
  • It is possible to change size, fold or print directly from the operator panel, with no need of direct intervention.
  • Protection casing and hand guards.

Working width500 mm [20”], 660 mm [26”], 840 mm [33”]
Max. reel diameterFrom 1800 mm [72”] to 2200 mm [88”]
Number of lanes1 or 2
Flexo printing units1 – 8 printing units
Raw materialOne and multi-ply tissue, paper, non-woven materials, air laid
Open format min.23 x 23 cm [9” x 9”]
Open format max.43 x 43 cm [17” x 17”]
Mechanical speed400 m/min
Max. continuous output60 packs/min – 120 packs/min
Type of foldLong. (N/Z, M, C, double fold, kangaroo Z, kangaroo C, MV/WM, junior) - Transv. (¼, book, dispenser, double fold dispenser, special fold dispenser, multiple fold)
Dispenser-fold napkins
Non-woven products