ASV is the new automatic interfolding line for the production of interfolded tissue products at high speeds with independent motorization.

Its modular and user-friendly concept is the result of an accurate and technological research based on new operational principles, which differ from the ones currently on the market. Its complete automation allows considerable reduction in costs of personnel and industrial accident risks.

The ASV line satisfies the peculiar requests of the user: high productive quality and quantity, ease of use and low investment costs.

The ASV line can be designed and configured according to the necessities of the user, by adding different functional units such as unwinders, embossing and gluing stations, longitudinal slitting group, bending or integral wrapping modules. This allows the user to bring about a free market strategy.

The ASV line can be designed with 3 different configurations, according to the necessity of the customer: in-line, mirror or 90 degrees.

ASV Line
Max speed200 m/min
Type of foldV - W
Final Products2 or 3-ply hand towels - 2, 3 or 4-ply facial tissues - 2 or 3-ply toilet paper
ConfigurationsIn-Line - Mirror - 90 Degrees
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Interfolded Tissue
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