FV Line


The FV Line automatically produces napkins of any size and material, including dispenser napkins. The FV Line is a modular machine characterized by maximum flexibility and allows to quickly change (average time: 2/3 minutes) the napkins size (from 20x20 cm to 40x40 cm), the type of fold (1/4, book fold and different dispenser folds), speed, directly from the operator’s panel.

As part of the OMET digitalization project, the FV Line can be fully controlled by the main control panel, without the need of operator intervention, except for the replacement of the reels. This increase the level of safety of the machine and ensures the increase in production, as well as the reduction of waste.

  • Full control of the machine from the HMI, also in remote and tele service.
  • Simple and intuitive adjustments.
  • Presence of cameras to monitor the entire line from the control panel.
  • Full motorized vacuum control for easy size and fold adjustments (cutting, counter-cut, first fold, second fold).

  • No contact between the vacuum-fold cylinders: the motorized valves go into position thanks to the servo-motors on the cylinders and on the valves (cut, counter-cut, first fold, second fold)
  • Set of star wheels with electronically adjustable shelves optimize production depending on the format and ensure the perfect stacking of the product even at high speeds
  • The stacker is enclosed in the belt conveyor of the packaging machine

  • Total safety when using the machine with no need of direct intervention
  • Automatic waste disposal system which prevents the operator from intervening on the machine in person
  • Presence of a protection cabin and safety hand guards
  • The maintenance operations on the FV Line are very little and simple to carry out thanks to the possibility to fully control the machine via cameras and intervene immediately in case mof malfunctioning.

Number of lanes2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 12
Max. reel diameter2,200 mm (86")
Raw materialOne or multi-ply tissue, paper, airlaid, non-woven materials
Open format max.40 x 40 cm [16” x 16”]
Open format min.20 x 20 cm [8” x 8”]
Mechanical speedUp to 400 m/min – 1300 ft/min
Max. continuous output4000 to 9000 pcs/min
Some available folds ¼, dispenser fold, book fold, double fold dispenser, special dispenser fold, multiple fold
FV.2 Line
FV.4 Line
FV.6 Line
FV.8 Line
FV.12 Line
Napkins for any kind of dispenser