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OMET, with its 60 years of history, has shown exponential growth that has made it a benchmark in the tissue printing and converting industry. Since the earliest days, when production began in the small garage of Bartesaghi’s home in 1963, OMET’s main goal was to ensure a product of excellent quality to best meet customers’ needs. It was precisely customer demands and the strong competition in the industry that have driven OMET to the evolution.

Today, in its 60th anniversary year, OMET can boast of more than 2.200 machines installed worldwide, serving about 90 countries on 6 different continents. This wide spread testifies the trust that customers have placed in the company and its ability to offer reliable, quality solutions.

OMET owns 8 factories dedicated to the production, assembly and testing of individual components and entire machines. This well-organized structure enables the company to control every stage of the production process and ensure full control over the characteristics of its products.

In addition, the company has expanded its global presence with 4 branches abroad, located in the United States, China, India and Spain. Through its subsidiaries, OMET is able to be closer to the final customer by operating directly in the respective countries. This local presence allows the company to better understand the specific needs of each market and offer customized and timely solutions. Being directly present in the territory allows OMET to establish deeper relationships with clients, providing direct support and more effective communication, thus helping to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

One of the most significant strengths is the people who make up the company. With more than 500 dedicated and highly skilled employees, OMET is able to offer personalized technical support and advice to its customers. The company values the talent and commitment of its people, who are a key resource for innovation and continued success in its global marketplace.

Finally, to be highlighted is OMET’s average annual turnover. In fact, it exceeds 150 million euros, confirming the company’s financial strength and its established position in the market.

How were these incredible results achieved? Not only thanks to innovation and cutting-edge technologies, which have always been the hallmarks of the company, but also and especially thanks to the importance placed on building a solid relationship with each and every customer.

It is of fundamental importance for the success of the company because it enables to fully understand its needs, offer customized solutions and provide a timely and effective support service. Through an open communication and close collaboration, OMET can adapt its offerings to specific customer requirements, anticipating challenges and providing innovative and tailored solutions. It promotes mutual trust and long-term loyalty.

A satisfied customer will not only continue to rely on OMET for the present needs, but may also become an ambassador for the company, recommending its products and services to other potential customers.

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