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Not just technology, but raw materials and partners of excellence to ensure the best offering on the market. This is the philosophy of Paperdì, a family-owned company from the province of Caserta, a long-standing partner of OMET in the tissue sector. Vincenzo Di Leva, the company’s CEO, in this interview tells about the growth and activity of Paperdì, which recently purchased two OMET lines for napkin production: they join two ASV lines for inter-folded products, a sector in which it has distinguished itself internationally

Paperdì, which today employs more than 150 people, was founded in 1989, immediately orienting itself to the professional market. In 2017, it took over the Pietramelara Paper Mill(Cartiera di Pietramelara) and, after intensive work to restore the structure and equipment, started it up for the production of paper in reels destined for the needs of the San Nicola papermaking. “The company succeeds in meeting all kinds of market needs thanks to the wide range of facilities the company has at its disposal which makes it self-sufficient in the production of the entire product range,” Di Leva explains. “These are dedicated plants in which maximum efficiency is achieved. Today Paperdì’s production consists of 6 lines for rolls, 7 lines for folded products, and 2 production plants for pure pulp paper reels.”

To ensure the best for its customers, the company favors the use of selected raw materials and carefully chooses its suppliers. “We rely only on technologically advanced companies,” Di Leva explains, “that are structured technically, economically and financially, without neglecting the collaborative aspect of the relationship, and that guarantee good after-sales service. OMET has shown that it has these requirements: like us, it is a dynamic and proactive company. I see good prospects for the future, we are ready to take up new proposals and strengthen collaboration.”

From a business perspective, Paperdì has managed to establish itself within the tissue industry as one of the most dynamic and competitive companies in the country, a leader in the production of tissue paper products for professional use. “Paperdì is structured to meet market growth addressed to high quality standards, efficiency, specialization, service, and sensitivity to environmental impact,” says Di Leva. “It produces 70 percent of its own-brand products, with a dedicated warehouse for finished products of about 30,000 pallets to offer prompt delivery service to its customers. It exports about 30 percent of its products abroad.”

Products range from industrial reels to towels, from placemats to toilet paper, both in pure pulp and recycled paper.

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