OMET Tissue Technology: OMET TV interviews Paolo Casotti


“Customization is fundamental on our ASV Line interfolding machines: each customer has particular needs, depending on the features of its factory or on the production level he wants to achieve”. This is how Paolo Casotti, Technical Manager of OT Lucca/OMET Tissue Technology, explained the growing demand for interfolding machines, the focus of the nineteenth episode of OMET TV.

Designing and developing machines for interfolded tissue products is the mission of OT Lucca – OMET Tissue Technology. Casotti, interviewed by OMET TV, explains that OMET produces “machines with high productivity and high efficiency, with performance up to 300 meters per minute, high quality and a productivity of 300 packages per minute”.

High productivity is generally related to high component wear. “Maintenance is one of the strengths of our interfolding machines, minimized thanks to OMET’s patents. Customers can also carry out maintenance with their own mechanical staff, without the intervention of external technicians sent by the manufacturer: this means great flexibility and considerable savings during the machine life”.

The innovative folding system uses a vacuum technology designed and patented by OMET that distributes the vacuum along the entire length of the suction rollers, making the maintenance of the folding rolls extremely simple. A refined study of the vacuum flow helps to make the machine even more green than the traditional lines, greatly reducing energy consumption.

“Safety is an essential topic when designing these machines: they should not only have high performance, but also be more and more safer”.

The nineteenth episode of the web series conceived by OMET and conducted by Armando Garosci was published on February 24th 2022 and is visible for free on the OMET social channels and on the dedicated website (

Watch again the interview of Paolo Casotti

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