OMET: The values of sport from the court to the company

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Challenges, competition, ethics, rules to be respected and maximum commitment. The principles of sport are the same as in business: for this reason, OMET takes an active part to promote it among his stakeholders, by supporting those who practice sports and promoting events on the territory. In 2018, OMET will organize a special event called “Omettiadi” (OMET Olympic Games), a competition between the different divisions of the group to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the foundation.

“The popular motto “Mens sana in corpore sano” is true today like many years ago – as President Antonio Bartesaghi explains -. Practicing sport is always useful for a correct psychophysical balance of the person that can express higher concentration and work more efficiently thanks to the natural benefit. Work generates stress and sport helps to let it off”.

The reason of OMET commitment, it is not just the well-being of the employees. We really believe that sport teaches how to win professional challenges by shaping the character and getting used to team building. The comparison between sport and business is also useful to share a winning mentality and to enhance talents.

Mr. Bartesaghi continues: “In sport, as in work, there is competition, discipline, loyalty, teamwork, difficulties to overcome, objectives and the need to better express our skills. The context imposes precise rules of behavior and there is a judge (the customer) that must be respected even if he makes mistakes. Ethics is fundamental, we must work with respect for people, competitors and laws. The context of sports presents many similarities to the way we work in OMET. It’s good to think that by doing sport and sponsoring sporting events we create adults, and also workers of higher quality, because they get used to share aspects connected to work”.

This mindset has led the company to organize an internal sports tournament. It was proposed for the first time on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation. This year the “Omettiadi” (OMET Olympic Games) will be organized in a second edition in July and will involve all the collaborators of the various business divisions.

“For OMET it is a way to celebrate and acknowledge the good work and the intense participation of the employees in the life and success of the company”.

OMET chooses to offer a sponsorship to realities and organizations involved in educating people since childhood to the real values of sport and life and supports different local initiatives, especially when they directly involve company’s employees.

Marco Calcagni, OMET Sales and marketing director claims: “Sponsorship of local sporting events demonstrates the attention to the territory that has distinguished OMET Group since its foundation -. Our workers, their families, and all the stakeholders, who are related to the company and the divisions of the Group, are very sensitive to this type of commitment that is carried on in the name of the interest and sense of responsibility towards their hometown, from the lake to the mountains”.

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