New prospects of the 4.0 industry applied to tissue converting machines: the new TV 840 XP


The new OMET TV 840 XP for tissue converting introduces high-technology innovations in order to improve productive performance, reducing waste and set-up time, as well as optimising energy consumption.

TV 840 Line is well known worldwide for its high productivity that reaches 5,600 napkins per minute in N – M – C folding type, double fold, WM, with a very quick changeover of the folding typology. Improving performance by taking into account the complexity of paper handling due to physical limitations, it requires a lot of research, adopting modern technology and new approaches that are characteristic of the 4.0 industry.

The last-generation Siemens technology automation manages the operative functions of the new TV 840 XP through digital adjustments that facilitate the set up in a simple and automatic way, saving time and waste, by assuring high precision in printing register adjustment.

The replacement of the traditional electromechanical wiring with Ethernet based networks brought to a considerable reduction in components and a big simplification of the wiring, therefore reducing the chances of failure and at the same time improving the diagnostic.

In addition, the power supply structure of the motors with common DC-bus optimizes the energy balance of the machine, restoring improved energy efficiency, which can be estimated to be at 30% on an annual basis.

The new technologies used revolutionise also the concept of accessibility applied to tissue converting machines, increasing the number of tasks you can perform remotely, like an extremely precise diagnostic function. These advantages demonstrate its usefulness in case of malfunction or failure, since OMET assistance can understand the problem quickly and intervene in a timely and decisive manner, even by remote.
Maximum accessibility of the new TV 840 XP also covers production data, which is entirely traceable and usable, in order to completely understand the production activity of the machine.

The fusion between business world and virtual world of the Internet of Things, has created an integrated system with great potential. An example of the new approach introduced by OMET concerns the creation of useful data for processes optimisation through the use of RFID devices, which, applied to the sleeves of TV 840 XP printing units, allow to store and automatically recall the setting of a specific job, eliminating set-up times.

The innovations introduced by the new TV 840 XP also concern the HMI (Human Machine Interface), which has been standardised and connected to the network. This means that each machine unit is equipped with touch screen panels for intuitive set-up management. Besides, thanks to the connection of the components, the operator can also control all the settings from a single control panel, from which he can perform all the machine settings, simply and safely, through independent motorizations.

Another innovation introduced by OMET is the integration of the automatic cleaning system RACCOON, which enables cleaning of the plates and all other parts into direct contact with the ink, thereby helping to increase productivity, whilst at the same time ensuring higher print quality.

The latest-generation TV 840 XP is a mix of technical and technological innovation that combines the extreme reliability of OMET machines for the production of napkins and towels to even greater productivity, with constant monitoring and control of all production activities.

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