FRAM invests in a new OMET: “Guarantee of quality and service”

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Fram company, located in Brianza and specializing in corrugated board as well as tissue, has recently invested in the innovative OMET Top Line for the production of tablecloths, napkins and runners. In this interview Francesca Giovenzana, owner of Fram, tells about the evolution of the company, which has chosen to strengthen its partnership with OMET, that over the years has been a guarantee of “high quality machinery and always very efficient service.”

Fram is an Italian company founded in 1995 in Lecco, Italy. Since 1998, it has moved to Giussano, and now offers itself on the national and international market as a reference point for the industrial packaging and nonwoven markets.

Thanks to the experience gained and attention to new technologies, Fram has grown by entering new segments, always striving to meet the needs of its customers with high quality standards. It currently deals with three product families: industrial packaging, surgical masks, and tablecloths and napkins made of recyclable tissue, a sector that has been active since 2015, the year it began cooperating with OMET.

Dr. Giovenzana, what are the main stages of Fram’s development?
Fram was founded in 1995 in Lecco, a city in northern Italy near Milan, and in 1998 moved to the town of Giussano where it opened its new production facility. Initially oriented almost exclusively to the production and marketing of packaging for the furniture industry, it later diversified by expanding into various sectors including the production of nonwoven table linen items under the Optima brand and the department for rotogravure printing and laminating.

How are you organized today in terms of production?
Fram’s production is divided into three main areas. The Cardboard department is dedicated to the production and marketing of cardboard packaging exclusively for the furniture industry. The Optima department, as mentioned above, produces nonwoven disposable table cloth for the Horeca industry; and the Rotogravure department deals with printing and laminating paper rolls with various materials including nonwoven tissue, plastic films and various other products.

Commercially speaking, how do you approach your customers?
We have company internal agents, who partly follow Italy and partly follow abroad. Our customers are followed step by step, from the issuance of the order to the delivery of the material. As far as neutral material is concerned, our products are always ready in stock and therefore we are able to make just-in-time deliveries; personalized products, on the other hand, are taken care of by our graphics department, which follows the customer from the choice to the realization of the finished product.

How is your positioning in the Italian and foreign markets?
Fram produces special and niche products, therefore in high demand. The growth prospects average between 10% and 20% each year.
Exports mostly concern disposable table linens, both to European markets (France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Slovenia & Greece…) and outside Europe, such as the United States, Singapore, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

How did your collaboration with OMET come about and what are the reasons for your recent decision to invest in new equipment?
Fram started the production of disposable tablecloths for food service in 2015, and having to purchase a cutting and folding machine, it decided to rely on OMET, the best supplier in the tissue market. Recently and especially after the recovery of the Horeca market from the pandemic, we have received continuous requests for 120x120mm and 140x140mm tablecloth covers. Therefore, we decided to invest in the new Top Line and continue the cooperation with OMET given the previous very positive experience. Both in terms of performance and service, we are very satisfied with the cooperation with OMET.

What development prospects do you see for your company with OMET machines? How do you see OMET’s new technology proposals?
The Horeca market for disposable table linens is constantly expanding, with a strong propensity for product customization. OMET, with its new technological offerings in both printing, cutting and folding, has perceived the needs of this sector

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