CUSTOMER FIRST – Customer Service becomes 4.0


OMET Intelligent Plant software represents a major breakthrough for customer assistance. Technicians becomes able to remotely monitor any OMET line, wherever is it installed, to check real time parameters, trends and problems, and to perform remote tests, checkups as well as technical interventions.

The data trends detected by the software allow the assistance to identify immediately the cause of any alert, keeping track of stops or malfunctions of the machine. The analysis of these trends over time make it possible to verify critical issues and take actions not only to solve problems but also to increase the efficiency of the line with targeted interventions.

Moreover, the analysis of deviations from the standard parameters allows to program maintenance, avoiding wear problems. This allows customers to have scheduled downtimes, with significant time saving and loss limitations.

This all responds to the “Customer First” vision that OMET is promoting to improve its reliability: a value that has always made OMET stand out on the market, one of the cornerstones of its reputation. Thanks to this software more and more activities can be managed remotely, diagnostics is increasingly precise, allowing rapid and specific interventions, and the supply chain goes towards the complete digitalization and maximum efficiency.

OMET assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week thanks to OMET service centers located in North America (USA), Europe (Italy), Asia (China).

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