High production and low energy consumption: the keywords of OMET converting lines


OMET is always in step with the needs of the market and its customers. Thanks to the continuous technological development and advanced digital controls, OMET tissue converting machines ensure maximum performance, reliability and production efficiency, guaranteeing at the same time low energy consumption.

Among OMET latest innovations, emerges the revolutionary XV Line, the converting machine specifically designed by OMET in order to increase the production capacity and the efficiency of the entire transformation process. This line is the result of a careful technological research with innovative and patented operating principles that allow for an absolute modularity of the machine itself. The machine can reach over 25.000 pieces per minute, making it the ideal solution for high productivity converting.

The elimination of the vacuum also helps to make the machine even greener, reducing energy consumption. To complete the machine, all the control technologies developed by OMET in recent years are present on the XV Line, such as vision systems and automatic register controls, ensuring the machine considerable savings in time and a reduction in waste.

OMET recently introduced also the RED Line, the new converting line for increased production. Thanks to a new servo-controlled cutting unit, specifically developed by OMET in order to reduce waste and time, this machine doubles the usual production, thus reaching up to 10.000 napkins per minute.

The expertise of OMET in the Tissue Converting sector is the result of 60 years of leadership in the tissue market and the ability to understand the customers’ needs and turn them into winning market solutions. OMET tissue converting machines combine full digital controls, ease of use and high printing capabilities. They promote time and waste savings and reliable non-stop operation.

Even in this period where we often hear about energy consumption, OMET is able to guarantee high quality of the final product and, at the same time, energy saving, thanks to its innovative folding and interfolding lines high levels of productivity.

OMET high-productivity converting machines are “green” machines. They are in fact equipped with innovative energy saving systems. The lines recycle the energy of the braking motors and carry out continuous monitoring of energy absorption.

Furthermore, OMET lines are equipped with independent motors, and this is a great advantage in terms of energy saving. Independent motors increase the efficiency of the kinematic chains; the machine is not made up of an infinite number of organs that reduce efficiency and waste energy. On the contrary, OMET lines are made of technological systems accurately developed and that can share and recover energy.

Let’s not forget also that OMET is investing in several Digital Transformation projects, having realised before others the importance of this revolution and the potential of this new world. As part of Digital Transformation, new skills are developed to acquire the ability to be more agile, people-oriented, innovative, customer-focused, lean, efficient and able to induce and exploit opportunities to change the status quo quickly and generate revenues thanks to new information and services that arise.

Innovation has always been one of OMET’s key values. Hence various initiatives were born that support a Digital Transformation strategy, such as: Digital Twin – the virtual replica of a physical system, in this case a tissue converting machine, that allows to reduce production times; Galileo – the new OMET customer service; the NOVA app – new multi-language OMET App ready to upset remote service and remote installations; OMET Smart – the new OMET system for collecting, analyzing and displaying production data and E-Spare – the new manual and spare parts service managed digitally with the highest technology, through a simple and intuitive online platform.

The key benefits of digital transformation are enormous and include improved customer experience, increased productivity, improved business models, improved agility and innovation, better collaboration, and increased transparency.
OMET lines embodies the essential requirements that have always been sought by the user: high product quality levels, ease of use, easy maintenance and low power consumption.


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