2023: a year of revolution and empowerment

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“A year of revolution and empowerment has begun for the OMET Tissue division. Significant investments have been made according to recent technological developments in interfolding and high productivity napkin machines”. In this editorial, Marco Calcagni, OMET Sales & Marketing Director, takes stock of market trends and OMET positioning in the first months of 2023.

The stated pourpose is to become an absolute leader in the field of technology: not only for promoting and building technologically advanced lines, but also for offering a 360° service to the world of folded products, from tissue to related sectors such as medical and non-woven.

We have implemented the sales network with skilled professionals, well known by the market and with great technical and commercial experience, to give customers an increasingly qualified and widespread support.

OMET is proposing itself as a full service provider, able of guaranteeing a complete service to customer, from reel to pallet. Supply chain and production processes often have bottlenecks o inefficiencies: having a single partner is a guarantee of higher performances and productivity for our customers.

This is a path that we have yet to complete, but we have already taken important steps: the recent merger with Pierrebi Innovation, a company specialized in the end-of-line packaging, in particular case packers and palletizers for folded products. Together we have developed a line of special cartoning machines to be positioned downstream of the facial lines. An important renovation process is underway at Pierrebi, with new managerial, technical and commercial figures. We are looking for young people, from whom we expect new energy and ideas to be appreciated by the market.

The merger with this packaging company is also motivated by the market trend towards more sustainable packaging. OMET Tissue is investing in this sense with more paper and cardboard packaging, and with new materials: thanks to the synergy with the OMET Packaging & Printing division, we plan to offer completely green plastic packaging in the near future.

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